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A curious Dutchie driving his brain and legs to go against the path of least resistance.

About Me

Hello! I'M Caesar.

I'm a Computer Science graduate at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam whose currently working towards a postgrad in AI and Data Science at the University of Sydney! I like to have a wide variety of interests but who has tried to restrict these interests to just our world.

A firm believer of the homo universalis principle has driven my curiosity from (mountain) climbing to history and quantum computing. I am always on the lookout for unusual unkown unkowns.

Witty creativity, subtle humor and thought-provoking ideas are what I admire and aim to improve every single day. Although that humor part can sometimes be darn hard.

My Interests and Passions

Self explanatory. Though they may change in an instant when a fresh niche world is stumbled upon, laying just outside my current horizon of fascinations.


Winter or summer, hiking or biking . For me the mountains are always calling and one of my greatest pleasures is exploring them.

Current obsession: climbing them!


The art of pursuasion and language is something that I only after a recent course started to fully appreciate. Whether in Dutch or English, wealthy words with wonderful wisdom will woo many a man.


Pervasive and powerful. Useful and unnecessary. While everywhere, not always to the betterment to (wo)man.

Current obsession: Machine Learning and

Global citizen & volunteer work

I love globetrotting and have lived and worked in various places on this space-floating blue marble. It is truly addictive and upon every return I long for the next comfort-zone breaking adventure. Below you can see some shots of the places I've been to!


Insert lifelong learning cliché

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is a new area for me that my curiosity has stumbled upon and which I'm actively trying to appease.

Currently reading: Quantum Computing: An Applied Approach

as well as

Quantum Mechanics: The Theoretical Minimum

Current and Past Projects

I like to keep busy with various projects and ideas on a continuous rolling basis. Below you can scroll through some of my recent ones!

A peek in my Adventures

In my 23 years of either crawling or walking on this circular object floating through space, I've been priviliged to make quite some memories and experiences. Below is a peek into some of them.

Cerebrum Farts and Quantum Leaps

Daydreaming and musing are some of my favourite pastimes. It allows me to walk the moraine between creativity and randomness while sometimes sliding one way or the other. It is up you, my reader, to make some sense out of these posts.

August 2022 By Caesar

WupsE is a proposal for a self-driving bakfiets for last mile delivery on bicycle lanes in the Netherlands. With development happening using an Open Startup concept.


August 2022 By Caesar

Confronting the self checkout


October 2022 By Caesar

Stuck in blissful traffic


April 2024 By Caesar

Open Source foundational models present a way out


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